European Standards

What is AENOR UNE?

AENOR is the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, which is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1986. The main objective of AENOR is to develop and promote the use of standards in order to contribute to the improvement of quality, safety, and competitiveness both at a national and international level.

AENOR is responsible for developing and publishing technical standards for various industries including construction, manufacturing, and services. Additionally, AENOR is responsible for auditing and certifying products, services, and management systems in compliance with these standards.

Additionally, AENOR’s certification process provides an independent verification of compliance, which can help to increase the credibility and competitiveness of the products in the EU market.


AENOR UNE-EN Standards

There are specific AENOR standards that are recognized by the EU as being compliant with these directives and regulations. For example, the AENOR UNE-EN standards are European standards that have been adopted by the Spanish Standardization Body and cover a wide range of sectors and products.

By complying with these AENOR standards, manufacturers can demonstrate that their products meet the essential requirements for safety, health, and environmental protection required by the EU.

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Gain a Competitive Edge with UNE (AENOR) Standards on:


Standards covering farming and forestry, farm building structures and installations, agricultural machines, implements and equipment, fertilizers including soil conditioners and culture medium, pesticides and other agrochemicals, animal feeding stuff, beekeeping including equipment and installations for beekeeping, hunting including equipment and installations for hunting, fishing and fish breeding, tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment.

Aircraft and Space Vehicle Engineering

Standards covering aircraft and space vehicles including aircraft performance, flight dynamics, materials for aerospace construction, fasteners for aerospace construction, components for aerospace construction including bearings, rod ends and other mechanical components, aerospace electric equipment and systems including avionics, aerospace fluid systems and components, on-board equipment and instruments including navigation instruments and telecommunications equipment, passenger and cabin equipment, ground service and maintenance, coatings and related processes used in equipment aerospace industry, structure and structure elements, aerospace engines and propulsion systems including fuel systems, cargo equipment, space systems and operations including space data and information transfer systems, and ground support equipment for launch site operations.

Building Materials

Construction standards covering physical planning, town planning, building, elements of building, structures of buildings including design, loading on and calculation of structures, external structures including fences, gates, arches, sheds, garages, electricity supply systems, heat generators and emitters, air conditioning, sanitary appliances, closure of frames in buildings and related products, permanent metallic structures, gaseous fuels and gas and installations apparatus, lifts, escalators and moving walks, waterproofing materials for building construction, corrosion and protection against corrosion of metallic materials, precast cement and concrete products, water engineering, cast iron pipes, metallic tapware, valves and fittings, iron and steel.

Chemical Technology

Standards covering production in the chemical industry including plant layout and services, process design and control, processing operations, security measures, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, products of the chemical industry, and equipment for the chemical industry.

Civil Engineering

Standards for civil engineering, earthworks, excavations, foundation construction, underground works including geotechnics, external water conveyance systems including buried and above ground installations, external sewage systems, bridge construction, tunnel construction, road engineering, construction of railways including the construction of tramways, funicular railways, cableways, rail traffic control equipment and installations, construction of ropeways, construction of airports including air transport control equipment and installations, construction of waterways, ports and dikes including river embankments, water transport control equipment and installations, hydraulic construction, building accessories including locks, buzzers, bells, bolts, door and window hardware, construction technology including measuring methods, construction sites, demolition of structures, construction equipment including, scaffolding, mixers for concrete and mortar.

Construction Materials

Standards for construction materials in facades, mining and quarrying, ceilings, natural stone products and materials, binders, sealing materials, geotextiles, synthetic materials, thermal insulation of buildings, thermal and sound insulating materials, cement, gypsum, lime, mortar, waxes, bituminous materials, and other petroleum products, bituminous materials, roofs, products in fiber-reinforced cement, concrete structures, cement, concrete and concrete components, walls, partitions, floors, stairs, acoustics in building, sound insulation, earthworks, excavations, foundation construction, aggregates, road construction materials, clay products and materials, ceramic tiles, ceramic and terracotta building products, doors and windows, chimneys, shafts, ducts, adhesives, pigments and extenders, construction materials including sustainability of construction materials, protection of and in buildings, installations in buildings, lighting including oil and gas lamps, and interior finishing.

Domestic and Commercial Equipment, Entertainment, Sports

Standards for home economics in including consumer information, domestic electrical appliances including water-bed heaters and electric blankets, kitchen equipment, laundry appliances including washing machines, dry-cleaners, dryers, ironing and pressing appliances, domestic, commercial and industrial heating appliances including thermal storage room heating appliances, automatic controls for household use, shop fittings, furniture including upholstery, mattresses, office furniture, school furniture, ladders, floor coverings, home textiles, linen including duvets, blankets, bedding, body care equipment including hairdryers, razors, shavers, toothbrushes, massage appliances, radiation skin treatment appliances, miscellaneous domestic and commercial equipment including scissors, aquarium equipment, articles for domestic animals, battery chargers, mops, insect electrocutors, lighters, matches, paper clips, pens, pencils, equipment for children including child safety requirements for other household equipment, items of art and handicrafts, cultural property and heritage including conservation of collections and equipment and materials for creating items of art and handicrafts, equipment for entertainment, sports equipment, and facilities.


Standards for electronic components in resistors, capacitors, semiconductor devices, electronic tubes, electronic display devices, including liquid crystal displays, piezoelectric devices, electric filters, printed circuits, and boards, electronic component assemblies including preassembled modules, integrated circuits, microelectronics including electronic chips, logical and analogue microstructures, electromechanical components for electronic and telecommunications equipment, mechanical structures for electronic equipment, optoelectronics, laser equipment including photoelectric tubes and cells.

Electrical Engineering

Standards for electrical engineering including voltages, general electrical terminology, electrical documentation, electrical tables, safety, fire hazard testing, magnetic materials, insulating materials, insulating fluids, semiconducting materials, superconductivity and conducting materials, electrical wires and cables, insulation, components for electrical equipment, electrical accessories, switchgear and control gear, lamps and related equipment, rotating machinery, transformers, reactors, rectifiers, converters, stabilized power supply including semiconductor converters, galvanic cells and batteries, power transmission and distribution networks, electrical equipment for working in special conditions, electric traction equipment including railway electric fixed installations.

Energy and Heat Transfer Engineering

Standards for energy, energy efficiency, energy conservation including energy audits, internal combustion engines, gas and steam turbines, steam engines, burners, boilers, fuel cells, hydrogen technologies, heat pumps, power stations including thermal power plants, nuclear energy engineering, hydraulic energy engineering including hydraulic turbines, solar energy engineering including photovoltaic energy systems, wind turbine energy systems including generation of electrical energy, biological sources and alternative sources of energy, refrigerating technology, heat recovery, and thermal insulation.

Environment, Health Protection, and Safety

Standards for protection against excessive pressure including safety valves, bursting disc devices, protection against electric shock, live working including tools for working with voltages, radiation protection including protection against radio frequency radiation, protection against dangerous goods including performance requirements for dangerous goods, their handling, storage, transportation, marking, labelling, protection against crime including security services, security procedures, burglar alarm devices, burglary resisting materials and equipment, bullet resisting materials and equipment, antitheft devices for vehicles, safes, strong rooms, alarm and warning systems, and protective equipment.

Fluid Systems and Components for General Use

Standards for fluid storage devices, pipeline components and pipelines, valves, pumps, fluid power systems, ventilators, fans, air-conditioners, compressors and pneumatic machines, vacuum technology including vacuum pumps.

Food Technology

Standards for processes in the food industry including food hygiene and food safety, food products general methods of tests and analysis for food products, cereals, pulses, and derived products including grains, corn, flours, baked products, fruits, vegetables including canned, dried, and quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, meat, meat products and other animal produce including frozen products, tea, coffee, cocoa beverages, sugar, sugar products, starch, chocolate, edible oils and fats, oilseeds spices and condiments, food additives, prepackaged and prepared foods including baby food, sensory analysis, materials, and articles in contact with foodstuffs including catering containers, and materials and articles in contact with drinking water, plants, and equipment for the food industry.

Glass and Ceramic Industries

Standards for processes in the glass and ceramics industries, glass, ceramics including glass-ceramics, refractories including ceramic refractories, equipment for the glass and ceramics industries.

Generalities, Terminology, Standardization, and Documentation

Standards for terminology, vocabularies, quantities and units, color coding, safety colors in context of graphical symbols, character symbols, graphical symbols, technical drawings, technical product documentation, user guides, manuals, and product specification.

Health Care Technology

Standards for medical sciences and health care facilities medical equipment, dentistry, sterilization and disinfection, laboratory medicine, pharmaceutics, hospital equipment including hospital beds, surgical tables, medical garments, medical gloves, containers for sharp disposal, first aid including kits, equipment, facilities and medical transport for first aid, aids for disabled or handicapped persons including aids for elderly people, birth control, mechanical contraceptives, veterinary medicine including equipment specific to veterinary medicine.

Image Technology

Standards for optical equipment including, cinematography, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, document imaging applications, optical materials, optical components and optical systems, photography including micrographic, electronic and optical applications, and graphic technology.

Information Technology

Standards for information technology (IT) including general aspects of it equipment, it security including encryption, information coding including coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information, bar coding, languages used in information technology, software including software development, documentation and use, open systems interconnection (OSI), Networking including local area networks (LAN), metropolitan area
networks (MAN), wide area networks (WAN), Computer graphics, cloud computing, and applications of information technology.

Leisure and Sports

Standards for playgrounds, outdoor and water sports equipment, sports facilities, equipment for children, toys, public buildings, theatre, stage, and studio equipment, camping equipment and campsites, cooking ranges, working tables, ovens and similar appliances, gas heaters, lifejackets, buoyancy aids and flotation devices.

Materials Handling Equipment

Standards for lifting equipment, continuous handling equipment, industrial trucks including fork-lift trucks, sliding platforms, storage equipment including loading devices, shelves, earth-moving machinery including tractors, excavators, loaders, graders, equipment for manual handling including shovels, spades, crowbars, picks.

Manufacturing Engineering

Standards for manufacturing forming processes, additive manufacturing, industrial automation systems, machine tool systems, machine tools, cutting tools including industrial diamonds, chipless working equipment, hand-held tools, welding, brazing, and soldering including gas welding, electric welding, plasma welding, electron beam welding, plasma cutting, industrial furnaces, heat treatment, surface treatment and coating including processes and equipment for surface treatment and coating.

Mechanical Systems and Components for General Use

Standards for characteristics and design of machine apparatus equipment including reliability, dependability, maintainability, durability, screw threads, fasteners, hinges, eyelets, and other articulated joints, bearings, shafts and couplings, seals, glands, springs, housings, enclosures, other machine parts, gears, flexible drives and transmissions, rotary-reciprocating mechanisms and their parts including pistons, piston rings, crankshafts, for general engineering, and lubrication systems.


Standards for production of metals, testing of metals, corrosion of metals, ferrous metals including classification, designation, sampling, chemical analysis, ferroalloys including classification, designation, sampling, chemical analysis, non-ferrous metals including classification, designation, sampling, chemical analysis, iron and steel products, products of non-ferrous metals including products of non-ferrous metal alloys, powder metallurgy including sintered metal materials and hard metals, and equipment for the metallurgical industry

Metrology and Measurement, Physical Phenomena

Standards for meteorology measuring instruments, preferred numbers, standard measures, general aspects of reference materials, linear and angular measurements, measurement of volume, mass, density, viscosity including measuring instruments, measurement of time, velocity, acceleration, angular velocity including measuring instruments, measurement of force, weight and pressure including measuring and weighing instruments, measurement of fluid flow including measuring instruments and installations, acoustics and acoustic measurements including measuring instruments and testing equipment, vibrations, shock and vibration measurements including measuring instruments and installations, optics and optical measurements, thermodynamics and temperature measurements, electricity, magnetism, electrical and magnetic measurements, and radiation measurements including dosimetry.

Military Affairs, Military Engineering, Weapons

Standards for military including defense procurement, defense standardization, military engineering, and weapons.

Mining and Mineral

Standards for mining and quarrying including exploration, opening-up, development, working of mineral deposits, drilling, construction of mines, mining operations, processing of minerals, coals including lignite, metalliferous minerals and their concentrates, nonmetalliferous minerals including mica, fluorspar mining equipment, equipment for processing of minerals including equipment for milling, sizing, separation, flotation, and concentration.

Natural and Applied Sciences

Standards for mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geodesy, geography, geology, meteorology, hydrology, biology, botany, zoology including biotechnology, microbiology, nanotechnologies, and forensic science.

Office Machines

Standards for office machines including typewriters, dictation equipment, addressing machines, letter opening machines, letter folding machines, postal franking machines, their ribbons, and other accessories.

Packaging and Distribution of Goods

Standards for packaging and distribution of goods, packaging materials and accessories including wrappers, paper, films, foils, cords, sealing devices, cushioning, spools, bobbins including holders, supports, for externally wound or mounted material, sacks, bags including sachets, envelopes, bottles, pots, jars, small containers for liquids and their closures, cans, tins, tubes, light gauge metal and plastics containers, aerosol containers, barrels, drums, canisters, containers mainly for transportation of fluids including also casks, pails, large tin cans for shipping materials, cases, boxes, crates, containers for solid goods or objects and bulk materials, freight distribution of goods, packaging machinery including labelling, marking, branding, filling, sealing machines, storing, warehousing, distribution and vending machines including distribution of tickets, food, beverages, and tobacco products.

Paint and Color Industries

Standards for paint coating processes, paints and varnishes including coating powders, paint coatings and protective paint systems, paint ingredients, inks, printing inks, and paint coating equipment.

Paper Technology

Standards for paper production processes including, paper recycling, pulps, paper and board, paper products including paper-based stationery, and equipment for the paper industry

Petroleum and Related Technologies

Standards for extraction and processing of petroleum and natural gas, crude petroleum, natural gas, petroleum products, lubricants, industrial oils and related products including mineral oils, fluids for metal working and for temporary protection against corrosion, hydraulic fluids, waxes, bituminous materials and other petroleum products, fuels, equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries, petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment including petroleum and natural gas storage devices, distribution systems, pipelines, petrol stations, and dispensing devices.

Precision Mechanics, Jewelry

Standards for precision mechanics including microsystems, horology, jewelry including precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones.


Standards for quality, company organization and management, management systems, vocabularies, quality product and company certification, conformity assessment, application of statistical methods, governance and ethics, quality, and environmental management in health care.

Railway Engineering

Standards for railway engineering materials and components for railway engineering, railway rolling stock including materials, components, electric and electronic equipment for railway rolling stock, rails and railway components including track components, cableway equipment including ropeway equipment, equipment for railway/cableway construction and maintenance, metro, tram and light rail equipment.

Road Vehicles Engineering

Standards for road vehicles including testing and recycling of road vehicles, road vehicle systems, internal combustion engines for road vehicles, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, caravans and light trailers, electric road vehicles including their components and systems, motorcycles and mopeds including their components and systems, cycles including their components and systems, special purpose vehicles including waste collection vehicles and components and systems for special purpose vehicles, diagnostic, maintenance, and test equipment including repairing facilities.

Rubber and Plastic Industries

Standards for manufacturing processes in the rubber and plastics industries, raw materials for rubber and plastics, rubber, plastics, cellular materials, reinforced plastics, rubber and plastics products, tires including tubes and valves, adhesives including adhesive tapes, equipment for the rubber and plastics industries


Standards for fire safety, ergonomics and physiology, personal protective equipment ppe, alarm systems, fire hazard testing, nuclear energy, nuclear technologies and radiological protection, physical security, security locks and cash-degradation systems, potentially explosive atmospheres, explosion prevention and protection, safety of machinery, electrical installations and protection against electric shock, mechanical vibration and shock, cables to be used by electrical utilities, physical security, safety in the storage, handling, and processes of chemical products, quality and safety in healthcare services, degrees of protection provided by enclosures, electro acoustics, packaging, horizontal aspects and environmental management.


Standards for intelligent transport systems, translation services, research, technical development, and innovation activities (RD&I), logistic and transport, market research and opinion studies, catering services, universal accessibility and design for all, supportive services for the independent performance of activities of daily living and for people needing assistance with activities of daily living, postal services, retail trade, hotels and tourist apartments, quality and safety in healthcare services, health tourism establishments and services.

Shipbuilding and Marine Structures

Standards for shipbuilding and marine structures including offshore structures, except offshore structures for petroleum and natural gas industries, and seabed mining, seagoing vessels including their systems and components, inland navigation vessels including their systems and components, small craft including small craft systems and components, and life-saving appliances.

Telecommunications, Audio, and Video Engineering

Standards for telecommunications including infrastructure, telecommunication services, applications including supplementary services, service aspects and associated legal traceability aspects, telecommunication systems including network (system) aspects, telecommunication terminal equipment, radiocommunications, mobile services, integrated services digital network (ISDN), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) including radio interference, components and accessories for telecommunications equipment, special measuring equipment for use in telecommunications, audio, video and audiovisual engineering, television and radio broadcasting, fiber optic communications, telecontrol, telemetering including Supervising, Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA).


Standards for test conditions and procedures environmental testing including testing, electrical and electronic testing including testing equipment, non-destructive testing including equipment testing equipment: industrial apparatus, mechanical testing including testing equipment for x-ray and gamma radiography, penetrant flaw detectors, particle size analysis. sieving including test sieves and porosimetry.

Textile and Leather Technology

Standards for processes of the textile industry, textile auxiliary materials including feathers and down, textile fibers, products of the textile industry, materials for the reinforcement of composites, textile machinery, leather technology including fur and imitation leather.

Wood Technology

Standards for wood technology processes including logging and wood treatment, wood, sawlogs and sawn timber, wood-based panels, semi-manufactures of timber including parquet, wood paving, handles, cork and cork products, and woodworking equipment.