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Providing you 24/7 online access to the content developed by ASTM’s worldwide network of experts, ASTM Compass® helps you ensure safety, improve quality, and gain a competitive advantage. Add your content, partner content, and more.

You’ll search and refine searches using your native language and quickly find the standards you need to use in your industry. Instantly access any of ASTM’s 12,000+ standards, as well as AASHTO, AATCC, API, and UOP standards whenever and wherever you need them.

Combining these 12,000+ standards with 1,500+ books and 47,000+ articles and papers, Compass provides you one of the most comprehensive libraries of technical information available in the world. With tools to add notes, attachments, and even your own standards, you’ll be able to work smarter and faster.

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Keys to Accessing and Using ASTM Standards

ASTM standards help build infrastructure for competitive and safe, local industries and are incorporated into contracts, codes, laws, and regulations around the world.

From translations of standards to assistance with adopting documents nationally, our established structure and programs help you access the standards and the guidance you need to apply them effectively.

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Standard translations that meet your needs

ASTM provides standard translation services. Many standards can be translated into Chinese. These standards cover the following areas: oil, metal, cement, and building.

We also provide classified translations to help you find and use the standard content you need more quickly and happily with the ASTM Compass platform and other tools.

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30,000 worldwide experts participate on ASTMs 140+ committees. These volunteers include manufacturers and consumers, as well as representatives from government or academia. Any interested individual can participate on a Technical Committee.

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UNE, EN, EN-ISO, CEN, CENELEC, and IEC standards

Gain Access to the Single Market of the European Union with AENOR (UNE) on Compass®. Prevent technical trade barriers and increase market access with Harmonized Standards.

European Harmonized Standards (UNE-AENOR)

API standards

Petroleum standards now conveniently packaged on the powerful ASTM
Compass platform.

API Standards

UOP standards

Ensure you have continual access
to the current methodology used in
the petroleum industry. Subscribe
to UPO Laboratory Test Methods
via ASTM Compass®

UOP Standards

AATCC standards

AATCC standards improve durability, assure quality color
levels, and aid the development of lasting textile products

AATCC Standards

AASHTO standards

American Association of State Highway and Transportation
Officials publishes
specifications, test protocols, and guidelines that are used in
highway design and construction

AASHTO Standards

CGA standards

The Compressed Gas Association is a leading authority on technical and safety information for
the industrial, medical, and food gases industry

CGA Standards